Where are you, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg?

Don’t blame the victim. Blame the root cause. There’s something amiss in society. It’s like a plague. People give up at some point.


San Francisco right in the sight of those in power.

Silicon Valley. Where are you Mark Zuckerberg?

Seattle, right under your nose and in the shadow of your Smart Mansion, Bill Gates. And you too, Jeff Bezos.

Instead you’re building this…

247 Homeless people is a start. There are 11,751 Homeless people in Settle alone.

Here are the numbers:

San Francisco – 8,035 homeless

Oakland – 4,000 homeless

Silicon Valley – 9,706 homeless

Seattle – 11,751, the largest number of homeless people are in Bill Gates’ own town.

Total number of homeless in the United States – 553,742

The three of you alone can stop homelessness in your own country if you put your minds to it. 553,742 is but a small number. Why are you over there fucking with Africa and India? This is not working, btw.

Start with your own home before you start trying to make tons of money by telling other countries what to do. Who do you think you are? Thanos?

And you, Marc Benihoff. We already know why there’s homelessness. You want to hear it? It is a housing stock that is unaffordable, even for those of us with 2 degrees, a lack of jobs for the working class, drugs and mental illness.

We don’t need another $30 million dollars to figure out what we already known Marc Benioff. This is just a gesture to give the money to your friends. $30 million dollars can start to renovate all of the vacant buildings in San Francisco in order to give people what they need, a home. Give them some UBI, which some of them probably already have, it’s called welfare. Then they can get on with their lives, be that as it may. Many people work, they just have to live in a tent.

Your giving pledge stinks. Why are you richer than ever?


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