William Leidesdorff, Jr. – America’s first African American Millionaire

Leidesdorff Street in the heart of the financial district in downtown San Francisco is named for him.  

Death of the American Middle Class


Housing crisis and the money behind it


My Friend Jo Progo


Ok, this is really fucked up!

This toy can listen to anything you say and send it back to a company in Massachusetts, who also has contracts with the government. Ummm....this is not cool, America. Why does it take Germany to be the first to ban this! Thanks Germany! Thanks World News Today who busted this out on Feb 9 2015! … Continue reading Ok, this is really fucked up!


As I watch this…

...I am reminded of how far we've come. Aretha is beautiful in her long mink coat, her hands are jeweled encrusted, she wears a beautiful diamond necklace. She is the epitome of an elegant lady. I am so proud of our people and our country, and when I write "people," I mean ALL people. Thanks … Continue reading As I watch this…