Who Votes? Part I

By Kimberly Perette If you don’t vote, don’t talk to me about the state of the union. You’ve forfeited your voice. Here are some facts. According to USA today on 10/30/20, 85 million people have already voted. There are more than 257 million people in the U.S. that are 18 or older and 240 million … Continue reading Who Votes? Part I

Do You Know What Part of Africa You’re from?

By Kimberly Perette...for Zach We were sitting around the table at a restaurant and a discussion of everyone’s 23andMe came up. “Dad always thought he was Swedish, but found he was part Italian,” Caprice said. I’m part this and that everyone declared, proud that they were this type of European or the other. They never … Continue reading Do You Know What Part of Africa You’re from?

There’s No Such Thing…

by Kimberly Perette “I’m fighting for my life here, Dan,” I yelled at my partner this morning.  The argument was about a chart that a friend of his sent to him showing the statistics of interracial violent crime.   “547,948 black on white, 112,365 black on hispanic, 59,778 white on black, 207,104 white on hispanic, … Continue reading There’s No Such Thing…

He deserves a stamp, don’t you think?

“I love America…”

“ON BEING WHITE AND OTHER LIES” James Baldwin, Essence Magazine 1984

On Being White and Other Lies by James Baldwin The crisis of leadership in the white community is remarkable—and terrifying—because there is, in fact, no white community. This may seem an enormous statement—and it is. I’m willing to be challenged. I’m also willing to attempt to spell it out. My frame of reference is, of … Continue reading “ON BEING WHITE AND OTHER LIES” James Baldwin, Essence Magazine 1984

Civil Rights 1963 – James Baldwin and Marlon Brando

https://youtu.be/ZjZBZxPk4Pc Again....1963. However, they killed every black person who was at the forefront. Medgar (assassinated 1963), Malcolm (assassinated 1965), and Martin (assassinated 1968) were all friends of Baldwin. Baldwin had to escape to Europe, else he would have been next. The FBI had a file on him and tracked his every move when he was … Continue reading Civil Rights 1963 – James Baldwin and Marlon Brando

Baldwin on Dick Cavett Show…1968

https://youtu.be/_fZQQ7o16yQ I'm posting this also...again. We've been screaming this for years.

A Tesla Coil

When I touched your ear... ...with my tongue... There was the shock of a Tesla coil... Electricity went through me... Like the flowing of water Electricity beaming and connecting Hands outstretched as I stood in the middle Channeling energy Hands out stretched in the middle... And flowing.... I was like Tesla... ... on display to … Continue reading A Tesla Coil

Thank you

Thank you... ...for your kiss was like lightening Igniting a flame And it made me remember ....who I was ...and.... It reminded me that  I’m not in winter... That my passion is not barren And wanting more.