The Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames I saw this in college and will never forget it. Thanks CCAC (California College of Arts and CRAFTS!) Today's post is dedicated to my mentor and friend, John Ellis, AIA, RIBA. Thanks for all you've taught me over the years, Dearest John.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 12/10/1948

Did everybody forget about this? Thank you Eleanor Roosevelt, my girl, and my muse.

This is How I Feel About Politics

Crazy Cockatoos….love it Sometimes when Google can't do it, Alexa will. Bwaa!ha!ha!

Cockatoo Meows like cat….my favorite thing right now When you sound like a cat, are you a cat? Reminds of politicians these days.

Most Difficult African Dance

Under pressure cover by Death Angel

Wussup! Budweiser…Original