Dave Chappelle They be Fucking Up

https://youtu.be/dyAcV40jb9M I want to feel hopeful, but...

Wussup! Budweiser…Original


The Daily Show – Rage Against the Rage Against the Machine

https://youtu.be/rGbHxjjrCFE How dare they block traffic...!

Another Amazing thing from my imaginary Boyfriend, Johnny Depp


I love, love, love Leonard Nimoy!


Kimmie Hendrix

KimpStudio: Etch A Sketch Architecture

What architects do when their nephew gives them an Etch A Sketch from the garage.

Maybe I should learn to play this bass that Dan bought me 3 years ago…

Quarantine Wear

In my writing studio

For those of us who don’t live in mansions…

Porch studio. Luv it!