Stop it! I have to post this every once in a while to remind myself.

Fire and Ice

We made love by night-lite. With masks, We watched ourselves In the mirror As we morphed into creatures. You, the Leopard King I, the Ice Princess, Voodoo and rhythm building. The drumming of our hearts in the background, We crescendo And move into the light.

Masters of the Internet Marc Ribot with Ceramic Dog. I love that name.

Hunky Jesus

Next year, if I'm around in San Francisco, it's definitely the Hunky Jesus Pageant on Easter Sunday!

RIP MJ If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself then make that change - Michael Jackson

MJ and Dirty Diana One of the greatest rock videos of all time as far as I'm concerned.

Fire and Love

I wake up in the morningCrying a little bit for youUntil someone comes alongto help me to forget. 

Michael Sandel! He is one of my heroes! He's a professor at Harvard and has his entire course on Justice available on youtube! That rocks.

Why we shouldn’t trust markets with our civic life. Why we shouldn't trust markets with our civic life.

Certificate of Appreciation for Grand Jury Service

A year and a half of my life! The United States of America Northern District of California Certificate of Appreciation presented to Kimberly Perette. In recognition of Jury service rendered in the United States District Court in the district named above, this Certificate of Appreciation is awarded for the conscientious performance of an important duty … Continue reading Certificate of Appreciation for Grand Jury Service