Things that make you go hmmmm. I love Russell Brand… He is so brilliant. My comments to Russell: Hello Russell. You are are my new hero. You are brilliant. Thank you so much for putting these informative videos up on the cultural toxic dump that has become social and mainstream media. If we seek than we shall find, thus my being lead to you … Continue reading Things that make you go hmmmm. I love Russell Brand…


Incapable of Love?

I fear I am becoming incapable of love. My heart is so wounded at this moment that I'm yelling and screaming at everybody. The pain is sincere and I am filled with rancor. I want to go into a hermit state because I feel that I am a dangerous wounded Griffen that was once filled … Continue reading Incapable of Love?

There’s No Such Thing…

by Kimberly Perette “I’m fighting for my life here, Dan,” I yelled at my partner this morning.  The argument was about a chart that a friend of his sent to him showing the statistics of interracial violent crime.   “547,948 black on white, 112,365 black on hispanic, 59,778 white on black, 207,104 white on hispanic, … Continue reading There’s No Such Thing…

A Tesla Coil

When I touched your ear... ...with my tongue... There was the shock of a Tesla coil... Electricity went through me... Like the flowing of water Electricity beaming and connecting Hands outstretched as I stood in the middle Channeling energy Hands out stretched in the middle... And flowing.... I was like Tesla... ... on display to … Continue reading A Tesla Coil

Thank you

Thank you... ...for your kiss was like lightening Igniting a flame And it made me remember ....who I was ...and.... It reminded me that  I’m not in winter... That my passion is not barren And wanting more.

Voodoo-A KimP Presentation

William Leidesdorff, Jr. – America’s first African American Millionaire

Leidesdorff Street in the heart of the financial district in downtown San Francisco is named for him.