Oh my F’ing Gawd! You gonna cancel Dr. Seuss? Now I gotta cut ya.

They’re trying to cancel Dr. Suess! Wtf, man!

This is ridiculous. How you gonna cancel Dr. Seuss? I remember reading him as a child, an African American child growing up in Jim Crow. These books and this literature are among the favorite and most coveted in my collection.

My mother, a busy single mother, would read to us every night before bed time. She did this each and every night before she headed out to work swing shift as a nurse at the local segregated “old folks home for negros.” Dr. Seuss was one of our favorites. I would go to sleep to the wonderful imagery of Green Eggs and Ham and Horton Hears a Who.

My mother, sister and I saw the images. I knew, at eight years old, that they were stereotypical and silly. We all laughed and thought they were hilarious and I learned a lot. I learned how to think critically.

The imagery made me want to explore the world and to try to understand people. Yes they were steriotypical, they are cartoons for God’s sake. What are you going to do next, cancel Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse? And you better not even try to mess with Fog Horn Leghorn which is one of the funniest characters I have ever seen. It’s called social commentary, assholes. Yes it was drawn in 1937, yes there was a huge problem. But it is because of books and characters like these that we are made to examine ourselves. Those of you who are canceling every fucking thing in the universe by saying that these are offensive for children need to go fuck yourselves. I bet the children don’t even think about that until you say something. Just like they don’t think about color or religion until you say something negative about it.

You’re raising a bunch of narcissistic pussies that won’t be able to think and take care of them selves. I feel sorry the children these days. It’s because of people like you that they won’t survive.

Children, if you want to talk come talk to me. Your ‘woke’ parents are idiots. You know how to find me because you are little geniuses.

Peace and safety,

Your Auntie Kimmie

One thought on “Oh my F’ing Gawd! You gonna cancel Dr. Seuss? Now I gotta cut ya.

  1. Too right. Wokeness is creating an environment that is becoming too timid and fearful. Where will it all end? Will we have to cancel Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice because of the way Shylock was portrayed, or not read Huckleberry Finn? Get a life people!


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