Julia Morgan, FAIA, 2014 AIA Gold Medal Nomination Magazine

After a year of hard work, the Julia Morgan 2014 Gold Medal Nomination Magazine as available on Blurb.com. This magazine is a good overall introduction to Julia's work.  It includes text written by all the leading authorities on Julia Morgan. Including new insights to her work. Enjoy. http://blur.by/1yAK8Fi


Celebrating – Julia Morgan, FAIA, 2014 Gold Medal Recipient


Julia Morgan Gold!

Julia Donoho (our fearless leader), her daughter Jessica and me on the day Julia Morgan received the Gold Medal! It was a very meaningful day for us. Thanks Julia D. for all your hard work and leadership!

Fix this! Fix that!

Fix this! Fix that! http://youtu.be/9A8Vk1FltNc

I’m an Architect!

I'm an Architect! http://youtu.be/Uloc1iW-pgc

Architect vs Contractor

Architect Vs Contractor! Yup! Yup! http://youtu.be/k7V_zcwYNMc

Julia Morgan winner of 2014 AIA Gold Medal!

On June 28, 2014 Julia Morgan became the first woman in the 144 year history of the AIA to receive the Gold Medal. The medal, which is solid gold was accepted by Julia Morgan's great niece North and her great grand niece Lauren Woodland. The honor was met with a standing ovation from her peers. … Continue reading Julia Morgan winner of 2014 AIA Gold Medal!