Flamenco Dance in Granada, 2015

https://youtu.be/x3ZTcuw1U-U Oh my Gawd! Granada here I come.

Race Matters by Bro. Cornel West

https://youtu.be/cRZcfEToN-A This man defines the word "Genius."

La Lailaora Patricia Guerrero por Tangos

https://youtu.be/s7mtkSvbwi4 Loveliness for the eyes and ears. Ok that's enough...back to Cornel West, loveliness for the brain.

The Legendary Carmen Amaya (1913-1963)

https://youtu.be/FCca6d2ceI0 Flamenco makes me happy!

Martine Rothblatt!


My Favorite Sign Ever!

Antifa = Axis of Evil? Wait a minute…

I was about to write some shit about Antifa because of what I heard in the media. I was getting ready to make the same mistake, that many of us do, by judging a book by its media influenced cover. I'm trying not to be just another bullshit spouter, but it is hard to avoid … Continue reading Antifa = Axis of Evil? Wait a minute…

Dear Frightened White Men of the United States….

You must understand that we are not here to hurt you, like you have most assuredly hurt us both mentally and physically. Thank God many white people have seen the light and now rather than 4 million KKK members in 1920, there are only about 3000 members in 2017. Most of us are not here … Continue reading Dear Frightened White Men of the United States….

Russell Brand and David Lynch in Conversation


Capitol Hill – Who is to Blame by Russel Brand