Elon Musk “We Need Universal Basic Income” UBI

Elon is so deep. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell people. We will need universal basic income in the future. We are moving forward at hyper speed. This is an interesting thought experiment. If we had universal basic income, I don’t think everybody will be sitting at home doing nothing. New industries will develop. We will have time to grow our own food, write books, make things, etc. Just like people did prior to the industrial revolution. Perhaps being a more agrarian society is not a bad thing. I love growing my own food and because of the pandemic, I’ve had a chance to slow down and do so for the first time in my adult life, because I’m not out there doing something I don’t want in order to buy the food that I need.

We are talking basic income, say $1,200 per month. We are talking just enough to cover your basic needs, i.e. food, clothing and shelter at its lowest price point. If you want more you’d have to work to get it. Say selling extra goods that you made or grew in your garden to bump your income up. I think this will cause people to discover new horizons to live their lives more actively. Unlike now when people basically live their lives as the bewildered herd, passively carried about by various medias that dumb them down. They are carried away by the flood of mass media. They try to find meaning in consumerism or how the stand up against someone else. Bigger car, bigger house, newer phone, more followers. It is mass narcissism carried about by mass gaslighting. What kind of a life is that?


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