Thank you Mr(s). Policeman

On my way to work today. I saw the flashing blue lights of a police car. My first thought was, "Uh oh, someone's getting a ticket for speeding. These drivers out here are maniacs. Always in a hurry to get nowhere." I looked into my rear view and saw that the police car was criss … Continue reading Thank you Mr(s). Policeman


Confederate Flag

I saw a guy wearing a shirt with a confederate flag on it. I said to myself and wondered if I should say this out loud to people with confederate swag, "As long as you don't lynch black men, rape black women, burn crosses in our yards, steal our wealth and our labor while wearing … Continue reading Confederate Flag

Parov Stelar – Live at Sziget 2018 (Full Show)

Clap Your Hands featuring Lucille Ball…

Today’s favorite thing in the world: Parov Stelar

Watch “Mix – 2CELLOS – With Or Without You [Live at Exit Festival]” on YouTube

Ok...that's enough. I'm getting obsessed with these two...😶

Watch “2CELLOS – Highway To Hell feat. Steve Vai [OFFICIAL VIDEO]” on YouTube

My new favorite thing ever...!

Watch “2CELLOS – Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO]” on YouTube

A Tesla Coil

When I touched your ear... ...with my tongue... There was the shock of a Tesla coil... Electricity went through me... Like the flowing of water Electricity beaming and connecting Hands outstretched as I stood in the middle Channeling energy Hands out stretched in the middle... And flowing.... I was like Tesla... ... on display to … Continue reading A Tesla Coil

Thank you

Thank you... ...for your kiss was like lightening Igniting a flame And it made me remember ....who I was ...and.... It reminded me that  I’m not in winter... That my passion is not barren And wanting more.