NP140818-Why would one Settle?

NP140818 - Why Would One Settle? You can have music with me. I wonder why When one can get what one wants One tries to sabotage it And settle for the mundane. Why would one Settle For mediocrity When one can have the extraordinary? Why would one Settle To be like everyone else When one … Continue reading NP140818-Why would one Settle?


MP140816 – 3am – The Witching Hour

MP140816 – 3am – The Witching hour It’s 3am I can’t go to sleep I go downstairs For my mind to keep I write a song It comes out all wrong Another night lost it seems crawling the walls The room was bare And the floors were cold The paint starts to peel And the … Continue reading MP140816 – 3am – The Witching Hour

I’m so over Fox News

Thank God for intelligent people like: John Stewart Bill Maher Marilyn Manson