Another Amazing thing from my imaginary Boyfriend, Johnny Depp

I love, love, love Leonard Nimoy!

Kimmie Hendrix

KimpStudio: Etch A Sketch Architecture

What architects do when their nephew gives them an Etch A Sketch from the garage.

Maybe I should learn to play this bass that Dan bought me 3 years ago…

Quarantine Wear

In my writing studio

For those of us who don’t live in mansions…

Porch studio. Luv it!

I think I hit my writing grove today….

I drank 6 shots of Jameson, with ginger ale backs of course, and wrote for 12 hours after listening to The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway last night.... and I’m still at it. Now I’m sorting all my paperwork from my paperwork drawer. Something I do only once a year. Woof!

Corona! Corona!

Stay the Fuck at Home!