Daily Poet 131215

My Heart a black marble cat, a broken porcelain ghost, a soft shimmering mess. Then, with dazzling music stars re-appear & passion lies in an absurd silhouette. And again we kiss and bleed. By: Kimberly Perette

Julia Morgan, Architect

Julia Morgan, Architect (1872-1957) Julia Morgan has won the 2014 AIA Gold medal posthumously!! The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has awarded this metal for 106 years. This is the first to a woman. It is a powerful statement for woman and architects everywhere. Yippie! What a historical event and I'm right in the middle … Continue reading Julia Morgan, Architect


Daily Poet 131209 Sex. Fire & Grace; Monumental Sacred Subject; Fire in our bellies; Wild old child.   By: Kimberly Perette

My favorite Marilyn Monroe line ever!!

http://youtu.be/HCgISG1D57Y I say this all the time now.

Home Sweet Home

Sailor Jacks. A little down time after LA week.

En Vogue

"Hold on to Your Love" En Vogue

En Vogue

En Vogue still in vogue! They are still spectacular and sexy as hell!


Finally, home sweet home. At Beer Revolution in Oakland.