Julia Morgan, Architect

Julia Morgan, Architect (1872-1957) Julia Morgan has won the 2014 AIA Gold medal posthumously!! The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has awarded this metal for 106 years. This is the first to a woman. It is a powerful statement for woman and architects everywhere. Yippie! What a historical event and I'm right in the middle … Continue reading Julia Morgan, Architect


Inequality For All

http://youtu.be/YCbAyk8aRxI Inequality For All If you want a clear non-partisan and factual idea of what's gone wrong with our economy you MUST see this film. If you look carefully you'll see someone you may know in the credits. Ha!ha!ha😜😎 Hint: Look closely at the list where he thanks "1 and 99%". Ahh...It's listed with the … Continue reading Inequality For All

Explore Downtown SF POPOS

San Francisco is filled with POPOS! Privately-Owned Public Open Spaces. http://www.sf-planning.org/index.aspx?page=3339