Pre-fab homes for Google being built in Vallejo!

I’ve always been interested in pre-fab homes and have been talking about this for years. Now here we are some twenty years later! Finally, developers are starting to get it. I’ve always said that Google will fix it! I am so glad there is a Google in the world.

Google Mapping Global Forest Loss!

Thanks Google! ¬†That’s why I love you guys.

Take that, Donald Trump and the rest of you in power who are allowing this to happen. Get a spine and do something, congress people, legislators, .0001%, people who don’t believe in climate change, China and all of us who are not doing anything about this run away train! It’s getting scary and ridiculous. People are starting to randomly shoot people. Everyday there’s some type of violence in the world whether terrorists bombing at concerts for little girls or someone flying off the handle and shooting their co-workers then themselves. We need to do something people, this includes myself. ¬†Click on either of these links for encouragement. Thank you, again Google!,forestgain?tab=analysis-tab&begin=2001-01-01&end=2016-01-01&threshold=30&dont_analyze=true