They Never Said They Were Sorry

When a person who calls themselves white can say black lives matter, they understand that all lives matter. They have no fear of black people. Thank god there are finally so many of these enlightened people throughout the world. We black people have been screaming this since the day the first enslaved person set foot on the soil of this country. We never went passively as you can see in our voices throughout history. Why do you think they put those laws on the books to segregate and terrorize us? Why do you think Thomas Jefferson came up with a formula that defined blackness as opposed to whiteness. I bet you didn’t know that did you?  Here’s Jefferson’s formula from a letter written to Francis C. Gray on March 4, 1815:

“…let the 1st crossing be of a, pure negro, with A. pure white. the Unit of blood of the issue being composed of the half of that of each parent, will be a/2 + A/2 call it, for abbreviation, h (half-blood)

let the 2d crossing be of h. and B. the blood of the issue will be h/2 + B/2, or substituting for h/2 it’s equivalent, it will be a/4 + A/4 + B/2. call it q (quarteroon) being ¼ negro blood

let the 3d crossing be of q. and C. their offspring will be
q/2 + 
C/2 = a/8 + A/8 + B/4 + C/2. call this e. (eighth) who having less than ¼ of a. or of pure negro blood, to wit ⅛ only, is no longer a mulatto. so that a 3d cross clears the blood.

from these elements let us examine other compounds.

for example, let h. and q. cohabit. their issue will be
h/2 + q/2 = 
a/4 + A/4 + a/8 + A/8 + B/4 = ⅜ + ⅜ + B/4 wherein we find ⅜ of a. or of negro blood.

let h. and e. cohabit. their issue will be
h/2 + e/2 = 
a/4 + A/4 + a/16 + A/16 + B/8 + C/4 = 5a/16 + 5A/16 + B/8 + C/4 wherein 5/16a. makes still a mulatto.

let q. and e. cohabit. the half of the blood of each will be
q/2 + e/2 = 
a/8 + A/8 + B/4 + a/16 + A/16 + B/8 + C/4 = 3a/16 + 3A/16 + ⅜ + C/4 wherein 3/16 of a is no longer mulatto.”