They Never Said They Were Sorry

Also, those of you who blatantly say that black people commit more crimes insinuating that there is justification for the murder of young black men because they deserve it, are dismissing the fact that Crime has to do with poverty, not race. Poverty in the black community is largely a result of years of de jure segregation which barred the black lives, that surely didn’t matter as much as white lives did, from getting a fair chance at life. Remember the bit on redlining that I mentioned above? This led many of us to being ghettoized, which led to us not being able to get or keep jobs, which led to depression, self-loathing and criminal behavior, mostly against ourselves. If you want to know more about that I suggest you read The Color of Law a wonderful book by Richard Rothstein. 

The philosophy of white supremacy created Black Lives Matter. The philosophy of white supremacy even created a fake science called Eugenics to continue to justify robbing, murdering, extorting, and experimenting on us. Eugenics spread throughout the world and it was only recently that these conversations have been finally discredited. However, the damage had been done and it will take years to reverse. Thus the statement Black Lives Matter is a statement that injects and discredits the eugenic philosophy that has taken root throughout the world because of global economic colonization by a few European countries, namely the British Empire.  It is through this philosophy that the world looks at people of color, especially black people as inferior. This is a subtle root in the DNA of our global culture that has to be rooted out.