They Never Said They Were Sorry

When a person says, “Black lives don’t matter more than white lives,” it ignites a fuse within my soul. This is the horrible and twisted interpretation that fear/hate mongers have of the BLM movement. It plays upon their secret fear that whiteness is perhaps not superior after-all. When threatened they proceed to tell me that black people commit more crimes and that they commit most of the murders. This is simply not true. It is true that the people who are labeled black commit a disproportionate amount of crimes, usually among themselves. But the people who label themselves as white commit more. Here are the figures from the FBI dated 7/13/2016:

Total arrests: 8,730,775 (6,056,687 white | 2,427,683 black)

Murder/manslaughter total: 8,230 (3,807 white | 4,224 black)

Analysis of Murder by Blacks and Whites only:

White Offender 2,675 | Black Victim 187

White Offender 2,675 | White Victim 2,488

Black Offender 2,651  | White Victim 446

Black Offender 2,651  | Black Victim 2,205