They Never Said They Were Sorry

The biggest problem is that the United States of America never said they were sorry. They never prosecuted anybody for the millions of people who were worked to death and murdered in order to build one of the most powerful countries in the world. They just told us we were crazy. 

I would suggest that you read real, highly researched black history, rather than the made-up one that has to do with crime statistics. I suggest you listen to In Search of Black History by Bonnie Greer. In this eight-part series, playwright and former Trustee of the British Museum, Bonnie Greer, travels with us through the ages, meeting the academics and experts who are uncovering these stories at the cutting edge of historical research, and she brings their subjects’ lives to life – with an imaginative re-telling of their stories. 

This is an excellent place to start. I learned so much about the fascinating people who make up the African Diaspora throughout time, from the bones of Lucy until now. This series is awe-inspiring and fascinating. It really points towards the true value of black lives.

Black Lives Matter is not about committing crimes, it is about equality. Unfortunately, the poster child was not the shiniest of pennies, but when a black man who is totally innocent, say AHMAUD ARBERY, is killed, it doesn’t make a sensation.

All Lives do not matter until Black Lives Matter. All Lives do not matter until the United States of America says it is sorry to its black people. 

Once again…To Those of You Who Are Painting over the “Black Lives Matter” Signs

A Kimpstudio joint, July 8, 2020

To Those of You Who Are Painting over the “Black Lives Matter” Signs

Black Lives Matter

is synonymous with

All Lives Matter

What it means is:

Black Lives Matter


All Lives Matter. 

Instead of painting over it, why don’t you paint in solidarity with it? 

For instance:

Black Lives Matter


White Lives Matter


All Lives Matter.

Why are you feeling threatened? 

This is not a competition for life.

We are saying that our lives are equal to your lives.

When you deface this statement by eradicating it, what exactly are you trying to say?

Think about it.

Thank you my Brothers and Sisters of European descent for standing up for what’s right. This is your fight too. Thank you for standing along with us as we stand with you for all lives. 

A KimpStudio joint, July 5, 2020

Black Lives Matter Therefore All Lives Matter..

Video by Cottonbro at

John McWhorter: America Has Never Been Less Racist

Who Votes? Part I

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Black Lives Matter Therefore All Lives Matter…