They Never Said They Were Sorry

They, those that control the media, the successors of the wealthy aristocratic class, are trying to make you complicit to their false rhetoric just as they did back in 1705. The wealthy aristocrats don’t want us to be together, just like they didn’t back then. Thus they create laws and lies.

What we are saying is that the wealthy aristocratic class is trying to make you unable to distinguish between a criminal and a black man. What we are saying is that Black Lives Matter and you must look at each life on its own merit. We are not a statistic, we are people.

The statistics don’t bear it out that my nephew or yours will most likely commit a crime. That’s something out of the movie Minority Report. Crime has to do with poverty, not race. Blacks are impoverished in certain areas because of ongoing systematic de jure segregation. This has been the fallout. The people who called themselves White were complicit and benefited financially from this complicity. They stayed silent, like many german people as millions of people were murdered right before their eyes. This is why we say “silence is violence.” Many of them are recognizing it now and are refusing to continue the cycle, thank god. The Thirteenth Amendment and The Emancipation Proclamation was read in 1865 and here we are in 2020 still trying to have it justly implemented. We have been screaming this for years and it’s taken all this time for the people who call themselves white to understand that there’s no such thing. This is why the narrative the black people commit most of the crimes is in league with the racist imagery and portrayal of blacks. See the film Birth of a Nation from 1915.