Crazy Cockatoos….love it

Sometimes when Google can't do it Alexa will. Bwaa!ha!ha!

Cockatoo Meows like cat….my favorite thing right now When you sound like a cat, are you a cat? Reminds of politicians these days.

Most Difficult African Dance

Under pressure cover by Death Angel

Wussup! Budweiser…Original

Thomas Jefferson’s Black & White Relatives Meet Each Other… Oh, Thomas Jefferson...

Life cycle of point shoes… Wow! I never knew this. Ballerina's work hard!

Ballerinas work hard for their money…

Making of ballet shoes. Beautifully interesting.

Do You Know What Part of Africa You’re from?

By Kimberly Perette...for Zach We were sitting around the table at a restaurant and a discussion of everyone’s 23andMe came up. “Dad always thought he was Swedish, but found he was part Italian,” Caprice said. I’m part this and that everyone declared, proud that they were this type of European or the other. They never … Continue reading Do You Know What Part of Africa You’re from?