Elon Musk HEATED Interview with NPR

I agree with Elon here, we really should have gone another direction with this, but given the current state of government red-tape and old fashioned ideas, and a main stream media machine that is bought and paid for, we are not using the innovative bio-technology that we already have invented.

I have been reading the book by Walter Isaacson called The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing and the Future of the Human Race.

This book has some fascinating information about what we can do with viruses and how we can detect them early. My question, like everybody else has been asking, is why didn’t they do anything earlier?

Doudna, Feng Zhang and their fellow scientists at the Innovative Genomics and Broad Institutes started figuring this shit out back in late February 2020, if not before that. These are some smart ass people who worked around the clock to figure out a testing kit, which the FDA then held up because of their antiquated measures.

The application process was immense. It took them over 100 hours to fill out the paper work. How the hell you gonna ask somebody for a copy of your proposal to be burned onto a compact disk in 2020? Well that’s what the FDA did. What dumb asses.

Doudna and her fellow geniuses had to ask Fauci to step in and bypass the regular system so that universities, hospitals and private testing services could at least start using their own tests just so that Berkeley’s firemen, some of whom had been quarantined, could get tested. The FDA couldn’t even get it together to give an Emergency Use Authorization.

That’s really messed up. I understand the FDA is trying to “protect” us, but really folks. If I were in the FDA I would listen to some of the smartest people in the world on this issue and would have flown my ass out here to see what the Innovative Genomics Institute at U. C. Berkeley was talking about. I mean those people are developing testing kits that you can use at home to figure out what virus you have. The Broad Institute’s folks have even invented something called STOP, which stands for Sherlock Testing in One Pot where you can do your testing at home using one pot. What the hell? That’s some brilliant shit right there.

Not to mention, they are trying to stamp out horrible diseases in the world. Ok. I have a problem with gene editing so your baby would have muscles and blue eyes, look out Gattaca (1997), but if they can stop the horror of Huntington’s disease and sickle cell anemia. I’m all for it.

When are we gonna learn to listen the smart innovative people so that we can move forward at the pace we are worthy of? How are we going to save our world and our species if we don’t?


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