Could You Make Tropic Thunder Today? w/Robert Downey Jr.-David Rogan

It’s a shame when idiots dictate what these fabulous artists should make. I get what you are saying, but god-damn, people, really?

I’m calling you out.

To those haters who have latched on to the “Cancel Culture” and “Me Too Movements,” you guys are assholes. You should be ashamed of yourselves because you are discrediting the people that were truly raped or discriminated against. You have no sense of balance. You have no respect for people, other than yourselves, and people who look and believe like you. You are vain, privileged and practice the same supremacy as you accuse others of doing. Yes, I said it.

Isn’t this the exact same thing that you are accusing these guys of? These guys aren’t lynching people and raping people. These guys are providing social commentary for your dumb asses. It is because of conversations like this that the United States of America is one of the freeist and greatest nations on the planet. Do you even know the difference?

Do you really want to censor everybody? Oh, I forgot you don’t want to censure yourselves ’cause you’re so good’. It’s the classic flip, the oppressed becomes the oppressor, the persecuted becomes the persecuted. You are doing the exact same thing that you claim people are doing to you. Is that what you really want, dickheads?

This is to those of you who are costing these people their jobs and silencing good people in film, art, and other forms of creative media. Thank god for comics. These are good, healthy and intelligent narratives. Take your asses over to North Korea, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Uzbekistan and try cancel-culturing and me-too’ing them and see what you get, because that’s were you are headed. This is not what freedom is about. I’m talking to you alt-right ass-holes, as well. You can all go fuck yourselves.


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