Dear Frightened White Men of the United States….

You must understand that we are not here to hurt you, like you have most assuredly hurt us both mentally and physically. Thank God many white people have seen the light and now rather than 4 million KKK members in 1920, there are only about 3000 members in 2017. Most of us are not here for vengeance. Many of you want justice and equality like the rest of us. Those who are frightened are part of the problem. Those who are frightened try to overtake the Congress of the United States, the very seat of MY country, through violence. You just need to stop it. Nobody’s going to come into your homes with guns to rape your women. Just move on. I have. Educate yourselves. You are acting like four year olds who didn’t get what they wanted and are throwing a big ole’ tantrum. But your tantrum costs people their lives. All we are saying is give peace a chance. Be no longer complicate by just standing on the sidelines and allowing injustice. Work hard for your money without denying other people that don’t look like you their rights. Everybody has the right to compete.

This goes to you unreasonable religious people as well. What you are saying does not follow Jesus’ teachings. He never taught hatred, never, ever. He always taught love and peace. You even killed him for it. You’d probably kill him again as you’ve killed so many others that taught the same thing. So don’t go trying to justify your actions through Jesus. Accept everybody who has humanity as he did. If Jesus made everybody, are you saying that he makes mistakes just because he didn’t follow what YOU think? How can you justify being so hypocritical against living beings? Jesus tried to teach us to live and let live. He tried to teach us to take care of all living things including animals and plants. Evidently, you have completely missed the message. I believe Jesus was awesome but you’ve made him into a bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, masochistic, polluting savage. That is not the Jesus I have read about. If he were so masochistic, he would have destroyed us by now. But wait a minute, we’re doing that ourselves.

Just think about it and get back to me. I’m listening.

In the mean time take a look at this article perhaps it’ll help to understand what festers in people who have been gaslighted over a long period of time.


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