The Common Wind Symposium at Duke University Honoring Julius S. Scott

This important work has changed the narrative of African American history. The way African American history is documented, taught, and told in the United States, even the world, has been transformed because of his work. Not only did he write it, but he trained others to write it therefore, like a wind, they have traveled to other places writing their own books and teaching others, thus spreading the word about who we are, not the way scholars from the majority culture interpreted our story. Because of him we are telling our story in our own voices. He started the wind within which many of us float today. Writers like Isabel Wilkerson, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and hopefully myself, are able to get our work out there and be heard because he paved the way for us. Thank goodness his book, The Common Wind is no longer an underground mix tap. The majority culture is finally ready for it. It is something that we can possess, read, digest and build upon to finally show the true face of African American history. What an amazing man. I’m so proud to know him. He is yet another person in my family that I admire and look to for guidance in my own life and work. This is the legacy that I have inherited. This is the legacy upon which I build. I love you, Scotty and hope to see you soon. Your Cuz, K.


One thought on “The Common Wind Symposium at Duke University Honoring Julius S. Scott

  1. I also love Ta-Nehisi Coates. So glad to be introduced here to Isabel Wilkerson and your cousin! Definite additions to my list of must-reads.


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