Kintsugi: The Japanese Art of Fixing Broken Pottery with Gold

I’m repairing some of my broken pottery using Kintsugi. A broken French latte/chocolate bowl from Peet’s Coffee that I purchased years ago after my sojourn in Paris, a bowl that I painted on my 50th birthday at a luxury resort in Mazatlan, a tiny cheap bowl that I purchased from a souvenir stand on Yelapa, an island of about 750 people off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, which only got electricity in 2001. These pieces of pottery mean a lot to me, though they are not valuable. They were broken through carelessness and I want to piece them back together preserving the memories. This is symbolic of my life and as I do this work in meditation and reflection, I heal from my weariness about the discarding of the human soul and the constant whittling away of love, cohesion, and the beauty of our…my humanity.


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