To Those of You Who Are Painting over the “Black Lives Matter” Signs

Look at you…
What were you teaching your children?
What were you teaching your young women?
What were you teaching your young men?
YOUR children were yelling and screaming for equality. They got it.
But, what were THEIR mothers saying?
What were THEIR fathers saying?
What were THEIR brothers saying? All lives matter, huh?
We pleaded with you in 1787… Am I Not a Man and a Brother? Design of the medallion created as part of anti-slavery campaign by Wedgwood, 1787

…Yet you let them do this to us. All lives matter, huh?
All Lives Matter?
You stood by while we were tortured.
You stood by in silence as we were murdered. No one spoke a word. No-one was convicted.
You even made postcards about our murder. All Lives matter, huh? Lynching Postcard, 1938

It was you who hurt our women….
It was you who You hurt our young men.
It was you who threatened us with guns…
It was you who persecuted innocents…
It was You who wouldn’t let us go to school.
You wouldn’t even let us buy food.
You were horrible.
…And just downright hateful.
You even threatened a tiny little girl who just wanted to go to school. You should be ashamed. All lives matter, huh?
Where were you if you stood for all lives matter?
Were were you if you believed that all lives mattered?
Where were you in 1963 if you stood for all lives mattered?
Why are we still dealing with this in 2020 if you stand for all lives matter?
We will keep fighting for what’s right.
…and fighting for what’s right…

Civil rights groups picketed a meeting of the board of education in downtown St. Louis in June 1963 to protest integration policies in public schools.

We will not stop…
And we will win…
We will win together with those who refuse to be silent.
We march for hope and not hate. “Washington D.C., USA – October 2, 2010. A man holds up a protest sign that reads \””We March for Hope not Hate\””. Photo was taken at the One Nation March, a rally for union and civil rights.”

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