Civil Rights 1963 – James Baldwin and Marlon Brando

Again….1963. However, they killed every black person who was at the forefront. Medgar (assassinated 1963), Malcolm (assassinated 1965), and Martin (assassinated 1968) were all friends of Baldwin. Baldwin had to escape to Europe, else he would have been next. The FBI had a file on him and tracked his every move when he was in the country.

Belafonte is amazing. I’ve always loved him, with his fine self. He’s still alive at 93 and still feisty. Poitier, with his elegantly handsome self, is still alive at 93 as well.

These are black man that we should hold as examples, instead of the likes of Bill Cosby, who helped, but also harmed. No one ever speaks of these positive black male role models. There are many more positive examples than negative ones.

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