I completely agree with Adanna. Here are some quotes:

“Think about the good that is coming out of this…the changes that have already come into effect.”

“Try to consume less news and if you consume news…focus on the positive…focus on the people who are actually educating, enlightening…rather than the people who are dragging on all of the bad and terrifying news.”

“It’s time to think that maybe this is what humanity needed…we needed to pause and listen…everybody needed to be at home…”

“By the time 2020’s done there will be major awakening…”

“It’s been echoed again and again that you can’t leave the responsibility of being educated about race to black people who have been living this…our entire lives.”

“Now is the time because there are black people doing great things in this world and like it or not, they will catch up with the media.”

“I truly believe that a lot of the racist acts that are perpetrated by certain white people…they are literally convinced that they are not racist… that attitude steams from the fact that they just don’t know how to treat…relate to somebody else who does not look like them…”

“…children are genuinely intrigued to see somebody that doesn’t look like them…but when you deprive them of this sort of knowledge and education, especially when you feed them all the greatness that comes from white people and then the media who doesn’t do us a favor by feeding them all the negativity that black people are responsible for, then they go into the real world and…become racist.”

“We all have a responsibility to make sure that we live in an equal and just world.”


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