Thank you Mr(s). Policeman

On my way to work today. I saw the flashing blue lights of a police car. My first thought was,

“Uh oh, someone’s getting a ticket for speeding. These drivers out here are maniacs. Always in a hurry to get nowhere.”

I looked into my rear view and saw that the police car was criss crossing from lane to lane the way they do in order to slow traffic.

As I drove along a few minutes, eyes in front of me of course, I saw a tire in the middle of the freeway straddling two lanes. A less cautious driver who might be rushing right a long, not paying attention because everyone is in such a hurry to keep up with this expensive Bay Area lifestyle, could run over it and flip their car or crash into someone else. And here is this policeman, flashing their lights, criss crossing the lane to slow the traffic.

“They’re going after that tire,” I thought to myself.

Here they are risking their lives, again, to save others.

I just wanted to say,

“Thank you, Mr(s). Policeman. For your hard work, for risking your life everyday to try to save others. That is a very noble thing to do when all your ducks are in order. Everyday you go to work not knowing if you’ll come back. I understand that. I am the daughter of an Oakland fireman. I do believe, like in many other professions, there is good and bad. Unfortunately the bad kids get all the attention. So I just want to thank all of the good ones out there.”




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