Ok, this is really fucked up!

This toy can listen to anything you say and send it back to a company in Massachusetts, who also has contracts with the government. Ummm….this is not cool, America. Why does it take Germany to be the first to ban this! Thanks Germany! Thanks World News Today who busted this out on Feb 9 2015! The news report from USA Today focused on stalking kids but what about stalking everybody? WTF!!! It’s so annoying how USA journalists framed the video around one tiny paranoid subject, children, which is important, however, they are not approaching the bigger problem. This reeks of fascism to me. OMG, USA Today, where’s the bigger story? The World News seems to get it. Germany seems to get it. This, to me, is another example of the shallow, dumb ass reporting that we get here in the U. S. Where’s the journalism, people? What are we doing?

Check this out, NPR article, published Feb 17, 2017:


The NPR article featured this video, published Dec 5, 2016:

Then check this out, published Dec 9, 2016:

Then check this out, published Feb 9, 2015:


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