As I watch this…

…I am reminded of how far we’ve come. Aretha is beautiful in her long mink coat, her hands are jeweled encrusted, she wears a beautiful diamond necklace. She is the epitome of an elegant lady. I am so proud of our people and our country, and when I write “people,” I mean ALL people. Thanks America, this makes me have hope.

Leaders of the America, get rid of the electoral college. The people of America spoke during the election, there are several presidents who have won this precious office, not because the people voted for them, but because the backdoor which we call the electoral college voted for them. This effectively means their vote is greater than ours. Are we not intelligent enough to know how to vote properly? This is what we’re left with feeling and we are manipulated to take the frustration out on each other. The arguments for the electoral college don’t appear to be valid. I’m doing further research. Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful video of Aretha, President Obama and others, as they honor Carol King who co-wrote the song Aretha sang. Art and music, will help to save the world and heal our hearts. Peace out. -k


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