Ok Lets’s look back: Donald Trump on Charlie Rose (1992)


Uh-oh!  He just said he sometimes wishes he could loose everything to determine who’s loyal and not loyal. Uh-oh.  That doesn’t sound good. And now he’s the president.  Sounds like Castro or god forbid, Pinochet, are, dare I say it Hitler, Oof!  Someone who is in power and revengeful about loyalty. Sounds like some serious childhood issues. Andrew Stein, watch out; Tony Schwartz watch out.  We should follow what he does to these people. I’m just saying. I’m still in the middle of my research so I’m not making any judgements yet.  I’m just quoting what he’s saying in this video. Listen at him talk about his Mom. Mamas area always important.

Uh-oh, defense of Mike Tyson. Pretty much saying the woman came to his room late at night and was dancing. Was he saying that she deserved it because she was smiling at 8am in the morning and in a beauty contest and showed up at his hotel late a night, and this is ok to rape people, even if they were there? Does anybody remember Robin Givens and some claims of abuse or something. Hmmmm…. Again, I’m still in research mode. Haven’t read details for myself yet.


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