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Julia Morgan, FAIA, 2014 AIA Gold Medal Nomination Magazine

jmcover pages-issuu.indd

After a year of hard work, the Julia Morgan 2014 Gold Medal Nomination Magazine as available on This magazine is a good overall introduction to Julia’s work.  It includes text written by all the leading authorities on Julia Morgan. Including new insights to her work. Enjoy.


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Kimberly considers herself a maverick, which means an unorthodox or independent-minded person or an unbranded calf or yearling. She prefers the first definition. A writer, an architect and historian, an artist, and most recently, a musician, she is fascinated with juxtapositions like positive and negative, beauty and ugly, sublime and repulsive, black and white, reality and fantasy; and with the notion of the “other” and what it means to be human. She is also a bit obsessed with simulation theory. Kimberly currently spends her time between pursuing an MFA degree in prose and literary journalism at Mills College and bartending at her favorite dive bars.

2 responses to “Julia Morgan, FAIA, 2014 AIA Gold Medal Nomination Magazine

  1. I now own this work — a veritable “coffee table book”. Although I am biased because I am a Cal Berkeley grad (but dig J. Morgan, class of ’94, that is 1894!) it is a great read, even if U just look at the pics!

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