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Inequality For All

Inequality For All

If you want a clear non-partisan and factual idea of what’s gone wrong with our economy you MUST see this film. If you look

carefully you’ll see someone you may know in the credits. Ha!ha!ha😜😎


Look closely at the list where he thanks “1 and 99%”.

Ahh…It’s listed with the “P’s”

Wait for it…..wait for it…

BAMM! There it is:

Kimberly P. 😜😄

It’s only there for a micro-second, but it sure feels good to have made a little contribution along with so many others!

Thanks, Robert R.

Muah! 😘


One response to “Inequality For All

  1. loquitur ⋅

    Not to take away from the moving documentary (it’s almost literally a wonderful and moving Cal Berkeley lecture), but here is Comedy Central’s take, starring Robert Reich:—robert-reich

    Colbert’s sparring with RR actually helps prove the point.

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